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Hello, My Name is Sean!

I'm A Unique Spiritual Medium

I grew up sensing Spirits and sensing the underlying emotions of others. This guided me to helping others as an Intuitive and Spiritual Advisor. As a Medium, I have lost many loved ones, and had to walk the very personal road of healing grief and connecting to Spirit to learn that Love and Life are eternal!

Now, I work to bring that healing to all those I can, while giving evidential and ethical readings. This work has bought me the greatest joy, helping others learn that death is NOT the end. I have walked the road you are on, let me help you find your way!

All readings are done by phone, and have been done this way for many years. I find it allows both parties to be comfortable in their own space, allowing for more open and honest communication. This always makes Spirit Communication easier.

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I had an individual mediumship reading with Sean a couple weeks ago, and I was blown away by his talent. I know that he has spent an immense amount of time fine-tuning his senses and ability to communicate with spirits. He took time to explain to me how everything worked since I'd never had a reading with him before which eased my nerves a bit. Sean has a great sense of humor while still maintaining profressionalism, and he was able to communicate some very meaningful messages from my uncle. I will definitely be a return customer!


Oh my goodness, just had the best reading from Sean. He was clear in messages given and threw out a name there’s no way he could have gotten by anything other than a pure connection. We started out with intention of completing a tarot reading, but due to my loved one coming through, received both a message from my grandmother and a psychic message for my current issues and future. highly recommend! I will be doing another reading soon.


I recently had a session with Sean and was very impressed with his detail and precision. He is truly a gifted healer and channeler. I am so thankful for his services and look forward to our next session!


Sean is a very gifted cosmic communicator. I have worked with him for five years and have enjoyed many different types of readings- mediumship, tarot, Akashic Book, past life, and "ask anything" questions. Every reading has resonated with me and was applicable to my life. His readings help give me clarity into myself. In additional to his intuitive insights, he is an emotionally mature person who has helped me emotionally navigate some difficult times. I am incredibly grateful for him and his abilities. I highly recommend him.

My Services

Personalized Care and Guidance

Mediumship - Communication with Deceased Loved Ones

The healing art of Mediumship takes years and years of practice to accurately relay messages from those who have passed away and crossed over into Spirit. I have been working as a Spiritual and Evidential Medium for 8+ years, and have been seeing and hearing Spirits ever since I was a child. Now, I work to bring forth messages of healing and guidance from your loved ones in the hereafter.

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Psychic Reading - Spiritual Guidance on Your Life, the Past, Present, and Future.

Psychic Readings, in this case Tarot Readings, are done by connecting to my guides and my Spiritual connection to the Universe, and reading into events, intentions, and possible future outcomes. All to help my client find direction in their life, and move closer to their whole, unburdened self. I have been working as a Psychic Advisor for 17+ years, and have loved every minute of it. I consult in personal and business matters.

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"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"



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New Orleans, LA, USA

text: 337-342-5140

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