Life of a Medium

My Childhood

Growing up was fun, I remember seeing, feeling, and hearing things I couldn’t explain as a child. I always played with an “imaginary friend” I called Johnny Quick. I remember knowing his name was Johnny and the fact that every time I went into a room, he was there before me led to the name, well, Quick. 

I used to play with him a lot, until I didn’t see him anymore. He wasn’t the first experience I had with a Spirit though, or the last.

One of the most prominent memories I have of seeing a Spirit was when I was around 6 years old. I was a sleep, and then sat up straight in bed, and saw a woman walk through the wall to my right, stop at the foot of my bed, nod at me as if checking on me, and then walk through the wall to my left. I grew up always feeling Spirits around me, afraid because I didn’t understand what it was as a child. This is very common, and a large part of why I advise parents to speak openly and acceptingly with their children who express experiences of a spiritual nature.


Teenage Years

In my teen years, I started being more aware of the feelings I had. I could tell what my classmates where feeling, I knew underlying emotions and intentions. I started being able to sense truth versus lie. It was very interesting.

I was attacked by 10 guys, and later had to go into homeschooling due to PTSD, and started working on myself and understanding life. This was a huge blessing in disguise. It was at 15 that I started learning to read intuitively on demand. I knew I had to get over my fear of people in large groups of people since my attack, so I would have my dad drop me off at the mall and leave me there for hours. It forced me to learn to control my PTSD fears and I started learning how to feel energy waves and emotional fluctuations. At the time, I wasn't aware that reading people without permission was rude, but I would tune into what people were feeling in order to learn control and direction my "antenna" to specific people. 

At 16, I started reading cards, and learning to really talk to people about what I was intuiting from them, and actually give real readings. I practiced this for 3 years, reading for anyone and everyone I could get to sit down for 5 minutes. This led to my first real Mediumship experience, where I actively communicated with a deceased loved one.

I was 19, and a coworker asked me to read for a friend of his. At this point I had been charging for readings for about 6 months, and happily accepted. When the client showed up, we sat down for her psychic/card reading and, unexpectedly, as I am reading for her, I see a man in my head walk up to me, and he starts telling me that he had died, and he was her father. I described him to her, and she confirmed that was her father who had died. I then heard him tell me, to tell her, a very specific phrase and of course I relayed this to my client. Immediately she started crying and explained that, that was what her father would say every time he would leave home for work, and that she didn't get to hear him say it before he had died. I was in shock. At that moment, I knew what had happened, but I was shocked none the less. From that moment on, I started having more and more moments where I would notice Spiritual or Spirit activity.

In my early 20s, I started Spirit Investigations with a small Paranormal group called SHPI, and it was so enlightening! I had some of my most exciting Spirit connections during this time, and I am so grateful for it! During these times of Spirit Investigations I was able to really explore my Mediumship ability, though at the time I didn't know it was "Mediumship", as I always thought Psychics could connect to the Deceased as well. Over the few years I worked with this group, I was able to really solidify my gifts on a greater scale, and through gaining clients from these investigations, I started really finding my purpose, which was to help people heal from grief and loss. This realization brought me so much joy!

Adult Years

My adult years led to going to college for Art History with a focus on Spiritual iconography, with a minor in World Civilization and World Religions. I have studied these subjects since I was eight years old, and it felt so natural. While I was in my second year of college, age 26, my mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.


Over the next year and a half, I worked maintaining a 3.75 GPA, a part time job, and being her Full Time Caregiver by myself. I had to start dealing with the topic of death and grief, while watching the one person I felt truly loved me slip away. Then, at the age of 27, a few months after my birthday, my mother passed away.


Over the next two years, I work my so hard to heal using all the tools of my trade. Mediumship, Counseling, and helping others heal. It has been 8 years she my mother died, and I have had the immense honor of using that pain and grief to relate to my clients and help them heal through their grief, walking beside them so they know they aren't alone. Because, LOVE NEVER DIES, and neither do we. My mother's death taught me how to heal from loss, so I could help others with a first hand knowledge of the hole you find yourself in when this happens. 

In 2019, I also lost my father to cancer, and while he and I didn't have the same close relationship my mother and I had, I found myself grieving harder, because I felt any opportunity for bettering our relationship was gone, however, that too was proven wrong, as now I get to work through so much with my dad, while he heals his traumas in Spirit, and it has been one of the greatest joys in my life to see him and I feeling so much love towards each other.

I have learned first hand the hardship of losing loved ones. I have lost all my grandparents, both my parents, but I feel blessed to be able to have relationships with them in Spirit, and all I want to do is show all people that you can have a relationship with your loved ones in Spirit as well. 

I hope to show you this, if you let allow me the chance.

Thank you so much for reading about me and my life. I wanted to share this with you because I want you to know you are not alone in grief. We all experience it to some degree. Don't you think it's time to start healing your pain and let that grief turn into love?