• Medium Sean Michael Rutherford

Lady Peace, to you I Pray

Lady Peace, to you I Pray!

A Prayer Poem by Sean Michael Rutherford - Spiritual Medium/Advisor

In times of peace, children bury parents,

In times of war, parents bury children.

Order is given over to chaos,

Life is given to death.

Lady Peace, to you I Pray!

When candles burn for for birthdays,

Not morning our deceased,

The world is bright and warm

People live in peace.

When days are measured by our compassion,

Not dreaded for dis-ease.

The world can come together,

And choose to live in peace.

When hearts are full of laughter,

Not burden by tears that never cease.

We the people live with love,

And choose to live in peace.

When hated fills our our deepest thoughts,

And lines are drawn in the sand.

Too far from love, have we strayed,

Lady Peace, we need a hand!

Remind us of the times, when together we truly stood,

Before nations claimed us,

Or defined by our neighborhood.

We once were whole, not just a piece,

Bless us I pray, Lady Peace!

I know we are more, and I believe we are good.

Regardless of belief, we will do as we should.

I know this in my heart,

In every crevice and crease.

To you I pray, Lady Peace.

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